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25 TOP CX blogs of 2017!

Every new year, we take a ‘New Year, New Me’ resolution, we promise to be better when compared to the previous year and grow with every passing day. At Omoto, we want our readers to increasingly adopt customer centricity in their organizational culture and make customer experience the DNA of their organization. Thus, we are sharing the top 25 Customer Experience (CX) blogs from 2017. Let all of us learn from the past mistakes, take inspiration from the great success stories, and always strive to delight our customers.

1. 5 Customer Service Must-Do’s For 2018

Shep Hyken
A great start to 2018! Every year, organizations look for ways to grow their businesses and keep up with the changing times. Shep Hyken shares the 5 tips to enhance customer service and come out on top.

Keep up with changing times by improving CX

Image Source: Shep Hyken’s Blog

2. 2018 Customer Experience Trends

The Center For Client Retention
Customer Experience can make or break a company. The right approach and strategies make a huge difference.
TCFCR has compiled 8 exciting CX trends that are essential for brands to stay in the game.

3. The evolution of the customer journey in 2017: Optimizing moments that matter

Jim Yu
As the customer journey becomes increasingly fragmented, columnist Jim Yu takes a look at how marketers can capitalize on the micro-moments and serve up targeted content at just the right time across multiple channels.

4. The current state of Customer Experience and how I would like it to be

Vivek Jaiswal
With the beginning of a new year, businesses must look for ways to grow. The most effective way to establish a sustainable competitive advantage is to deliver great customer experience.
According to a Walker study, CX will overtake product or service as a key brand differentiator by 2020.
In this article, the CEO and Founder of Omoto, Vivek Jaiswal talks about the current state of CX and how an organization can work on various CX initiatives for WOWing their customers.

5. Top 10 Wow customer service stories

Shaun Belding
Shaun Belding has shared 10 great customer service stories that are truly heartwarming.
Anyone can make a difference and create an outstanding customer experience – there’s no two ways about it.

Southwest Airlines best CX story

Image Source: Yahoo7Be

6. 9 Customer Service Tips from Today’s Top Leaders

Drew Hendricks
It’s easy for leaders to become so bogged down by day-to-day details that they overlook the importance of providing a solid customer service experience. This is a mistake that you never want to make. Leaders have the ability to inspire their employees to deliver exceptional customer service! If you’re struggling with customer service and need a push in the right direction, you can learn a lot from today’s top leaders. This blog has 9 customer service tips from successful leaders who have faced such challenges.

7. Customer Service Is the Lifeblood of Your Business. Here Are 7 Ways to Do It Better

Christina Nicholson
E-commerce businesses such as Amazon set a benchmark when it comes to customer service. While customers flock to e-commerce, there is no denying that the value in face to face interactions. Many companies are constantly seeking out ways to stand apart from their competition. Tens of thousands of dollars in marketing, digital ads, and celebrity sponsorships later, they are still failing. The missing link might be Customer experience. And here are 7 ways to provide a good customer service.

8. Scaling Engagement: 5 Strategies to Connect With More Customers

Shayla Price
When your focus is customer engagement, connecting with your customers on a daily basis may seem daunting. To scale engagement, your business must focus on executing strategies that boost customer satisfaction while saving your team time. Here are five ways you can scale up your efforts, expand engagement, and build quality customer relationships.

9. Everyone’s Talking About the Customer Experience. So Why Aren’t More Companies Acting on It?

Don Peppers
It is rightly said that improving customer experience is a journey, not a destination.
Many organizations have acknowledged the fact that delivering great customer experience leads to the growth of brand affinity and brand value. However, only a handful have invested in CX.
Here, Don Peppers discusses the importance of improving CX, and how that can be achieved.

Not taking action on improving CX

Image Source: theJournal.ie

10. Why Retail Is Getting ‘Experience’ Wrong

Doug Stephens
Customers don’t care about the transactions; they look forward to the experience. In the retail industry, brands have diverse definitions of what an experience is, and how to work on it. Doug Stephens says there are just 5 elements of a remarkable experience.

11. You’re Not Fooling Anyone with that High Net Promoter Score

Brian O’Malley
The Net Promoter Score is a very valuable metric that determines the customer loyalty of a brand. However, many a time, it is being used without context. Brian O’Malley talks about three of the most common disconnects while weighing NPS that result only in a superficial view of the brand.

12. Four Omni-channel Mistakes Killing the Customer Experience

Murph Krajewski
Today’s customers expect exceptionally high quality. With the advent of modern technology, customers choose brands that offer omni-channel solutions. In order to survive in this competitive market, organizations cannot afford to make any mistakes.
Murph Krajewski has listed down the most common blunders that organizations make in executing omni-channel strategies, thus destroying customer experience.

13. Is your Net Promoter Score Artificially Inflated?

Raghav Arora
This is a very insightful article on how the design of the NPS scale might artificially inflate your NPS. The way the NPS scale is designed can create bias in the respondent’s mind and influence your Net Promoter Score. The author discusses whether there are such biases and how it might artificially inflate your Net Promoter Score.

14. How does a customer-focused CEO make decisions?

Jeanne Bliss
For an organization to be customer-centric, the top management must be aligned with the goal of achieving a great customer experience. Furthermore, with the CEO being the primary decision-maker, he must make the right decisions.
In this article, the author Jeanne Bliss has interestingly discussed the decision-making styles of customer-focused CEOs.

Customer Focused CEO takes CX driven decisions

Image Source: Zeta Yarwood

15. Ideas on Net Promoter Score (NPS): Good to move towards Closed Loop Systems

Procyon Mukherjee
Closing the loop on customer feedback leads to improved customer experience, thus leading to an increase in the number of promoters. Procyon Mukherjee talks about the value that promoters add to an organization, thus fueling NPS growth.

16. The role your voice channel still plays in customer service & satisfaction

Linda Thibault
Who says that the interactive voice response (IVR) system for an organization does not provide significant benefits? In this article, Linda Thibault highlights the need to invest and optimize your old IVR in order to provide great customer service.

17. A Customer’s Experience is what determines their Satisfaction

Ray Stasieczko
Customers today value the experiences – not just from the products they purchase but also from the organizations they purchase the products from. But whom to focus on – internal customers or external customers? Ray Stasieczko answers this question in this article.

18. Your Customers Want Service. Are You Listening?

Suzzane Lucas
This article is inspired by one of the posts that went viral in 2017, which am sure all of you remember. “Amazon didn’t kill the retail industry. They did it to themselves with bad customer service. Netflix did not kill Blockbuster….” The point that the blog drives home is: Your competitors might not have a better product, but they might have better customer service. And, if so, that might be enough to win the race in the market.

19. How to Achieve the Engagement Your Customers Are Looking For

Vyoma Kapur
Despite marketing efforts to understand and build a relationship with consumers, organizations fail to connect and engage with their customers. Consumers cite receiving too much irrelevant content as the top reason they choose not to engage. This blog covers solutions to a big problem marketers face right now: misalignment between marketing’s approach to engagement and the consumer experience.

20. This company achieves 100% customer satisfaction with 0% managers

Jurriaan Kamer
Did you know that there exists a company that has scored 100% customer satisfaction without a sales or a management team? Schuberg Philis, an IT company based out of The Netherlands, has a team that works passionately and is committed. Jurriaan Kamer shares the organization’s story along with the valuable lessons that others can learn from it.

Schuberg Philis Team passionate to deliver great CX

Image Source: Schuberg Philis

21. The CEO of Gap Took a 5-Year-Old’s Complaint From Idea to Major Change in Just 2 Weeks

Justin Bariso
What do you do when a 5-year-old gives you a customer feedback? Jeff Kirwan, CEO of GAP, sets an example by using the feedback to make significant changes in their clothing line. This blog highlights this story and shows what other companies can learn from this incident. There are a few things that make Kirwan’s message so great, and that leaders everywhere can learn from.

22. This is the Jeff Bezos playbook for preventing Amazon’s demise

Jason Del Ray
Amazon has never failed in proving time and again that it is the most customer-centric organization and all its decisions are always driven by the customers’ expectations. Even with all the success and appreciation, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, constantly looks for ways to fend off any possible decline of the most-loved brand.

23. Tesla Is Taking a Risky New Approach to Customer Service

Kevin J Ryan
Tesla has faced its share of customer issues, most notably from a car owner who sued the company for not responding to his emails and calls for repairs. To overcome that, Tesla has come up with a new feature, whereby customers can escalate issues directly to company executives. The author comments about this risky initiative taken by Tesla.

24. Is CX tied to revenue gains? A case study by Idaho Central Union

Many organizations still deprioritize customer experience. This is because they don’t have a concrete proof that better CX translates to higher revenue growth. Idaho Central Credit Union conducted an NPS Survey in 2009, collecting 3,595 responses in 2 quarters. The author’s observations from their report will make your organization start investing in CX right at this moment.

25. If You Want to Improve Your Customer Service, Take a Look at How Ritz-Carlton Does It

Shawn Doyle
There is hardly any author in CX field who hasn’t admired Ritz Carlton or has not written about it. While this article is from one such admirer, it contains very actionable tips that could help an organization do a ‘Ritz-Carlton’.

Ritz Carlton CX Tips

Image Source: Expedia

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