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3 things that will make it easier for you to implement NPS at your organization [Infographic]

Since you’re here, we understand NPS has made its way to your mind, titillating you and getting you excited to adopt the culture it sets in any organization.


So, let’s get started by understanding how exactly to calculate NPS:

Calculating NPS-Omoto

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Now that you’ve understood how easily you could calculate the NPS. Let’s move on to understanding how you could implement this at your organization.

Remember the key,

“NPS is not just a measure, it is a change agent.”


Are you ready?

The following three pointers will ensure your progress. Rely on them and the customers will rely on you for their needs.

  • Get the senior management to buy in:
    In every organization, the senior management is indubitably the backbone and the driving force and it is hence essential that such a mindset if sold first to them, given that therefore, it shall be executed in its essence that such thinking is spread across the whole workplace.

    Customer centricity must start and end with the customer; enforced by the senior executives.

  • You have the cheese and the bread, do the needful:
    The idea has penetrated in the members’ minds, and now it’s time for the gameplay. Make the culture the pulse of the organization and get your employees to understand the importance and its calling need.  It should become the language of communication in the organization and all decisions revolve around the customers.

    Showcase the NPS results internally at regular intervals to get the teams to understand their direct and indirect involvement with a customer at each point of the customer journey and help them improve through collaboration.

  • Realize that this is a long path:
    Implementing the Net Promoters Score is like hitting the gym- go steady and become ready. It is long term in its execution and its effects. Be patient and watch the wonders it does for you.

    “86% are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better customer experience.”


Let us conclude your quest with a Net Promoter Score example.

You will be confounded by the recent NPS score of Amazon, Apple, and Netflix, of 69, 72 and 68 respectively for they have an extraordinary system that revolves around their customer-base. (2016)

Let’s pick Amazon.

Amazon’s delivery speed is, as you know, beyond compare! Not only that, customers are always encouraging response at a faster rate, because of which even the return of goods purchased is a quick and a trouble-free process wherein customers can choose the day they want the goods to be picked for return and obtain Amazon voucher for the amount paid.

Remarkably convenient, isn’t it?

You could push your NPS scores too, once you learn to play with them, and you can play with them once you execute the process well.

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