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5 BRILLIANT examples of totally WINNING customers!

Business today has gone way beyond just selling a product or service; it is about building relationships with customers and delighting them. The journey starts long before customers make a transaction and continues for a lifetime. Focusing on customers’ needs and building a valuable relationship has, thus, become inevitable. Here are five wonderful examples of how organizations walked the extra mile to absolutely delight their customers!

1. Be creative – creativity is the KEY!

Here is an astonishing story of how being creative has a wonderful impact on a customer, and the overall reputation of the company. One of Tesco’s customers found a dead worm wrapped up with a cucumber that he had purchased from the store. However, he chose to complain about this lightheartedly. Here is his post:

Improve Customer Service-Creativity-1

Improve Customer Service-Creativity-2

Instead of becoming defensive or sticking to a robotic apology, this customer service representative from Tesco’s was extremely creative in responding to the customer. Here is his response:

Improve Customer Service-Creativity-3

Source: bbc.com

The reply is not just hilarious but it also reflects creativity at various levels. There is no denying that Tesco empowered the employee enough to do so but the chain of exchanges surely would bring a huge smile to your face. The employee went on with the conversation, impressing the customer with his customer service skills. One of the exchanges is also where the customer sends a picture of William’s funeral!

This anecdote is a perfect example of how even in situations where a customer could be disappointed, his experience can be changed with a dash of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

2. Take jokes seriously

A frequent diner at Morton’s The Steakhouse, Peter Shankman JOKINGLY tweeted to Morton’s, requesting them to meet him at the Newark Aiport with his favorite steak dinner.

What happened next is beyond belief!

Source: Peter Shankman

Yes, you read it right! Alex, from the nearest Morton’s, drove 23.5 miles with a full meal for Peter. In a timespan of a mere 3 hours, a Morton’s employee read the tweet, got the authorization for executing the plan, got the meal ready and boxed, and constantly tracked Mr. Shankman’s flight details. We did cover this story in our series of amazingly shocking customer experience stories!

This act of great customer service and quick response spread like wildfire and became one of the top tweets in 2011. Morton’s got immense publicity and won laurels for the kind of customer service that they delivered.

This story shows that it is worth going an extra mile, or 23, to delight a loyal customer. Stay on top of your customers’ needs and respond accordingly and you will never be short of raving fans!

3. Take ownership, even if it is not your fault


Source: Reddit

Back in 2012, a customer had ordered a few books from Amazon to be shipped to his parents’ house. When he started volunteering in Tanzania, he had asked his parents to ship it to him. However, the courier services that was used lost the entire set of books. Subsequently, he contacted the customer service department of Amazon to just know if there was a way to reorder all the books with one click.

Now, this clearly was an issue that the customer had to sort out for himself. It was the fault of the careless courier services that lost the order. But would you take a wild guess at what Amazon did?

After listening to the customer’s story, the Amazon customer service representative showed great empathy and immediately took full responsibility for this incident. The executive actually offered a full refund for his lost order before helping the customer reorder the books! The customer was so amazed that he went on and shared his experience with others.

This story shows how employees working with online channels, whereby one cannot even hear or see a customer, can still provide a customer experience par excellence by simply taking ownership for customer issues, even when they are not to be blamed.

4. Show them how much you care

This was tweeted by the desperate father of a 14-year-old Ben, who had severe autism. Ben would refuse to drink out of any other cup, to an extent where he was even hospitalized because of dehydration.

Source: www.tommeetippee.co.uk

This poignant plea of a distressed father touched quite a few Twitter users and this post soon became viral. It also reached the manufacturers of the cup, Tommee Tippee who got in touch with Ben’s father. It realized that the cup was not just any cup for the kid, it was actually a lifeline for him! The entire team of Tommee Tippee, across various continents, got to work to find a similar cup for Ben. Though the design was an old and discontinued one, Tommee Tippee successfully got to the original design and also the machinery that went into making those old cups. Finally, it decided to manufacture 500 of the discontinued cups so that Ben could have a lifetime supply of those cups! Phew! If that is not going out of the way for your customers, what is!

This story corroborates that fact that when you truly care for your customers, it will earn you their loyalty and even positive word-of-mouth.

5. Thank them and how, WOW!

TD Bank, Canada planned on surprising their longtime customers. For this, they turned a trip to the bank into a trip down the ‘Memory Lane’. In order to make these customers feel special, the bank employees coordinated with and invited all their loved ones to gather all the special memories of the customers and record their journey with the bank. This great gesture not only conveyed the heartfelt thanks to the customers but also moved most of them to tears. The video does, indeed, tug at one’s heartstrings!

This story proves that your most loyal customers are your biggest assets. Appreciating their business with you will surely strengthen your relationship with them, building a relationship for a lifetime.

Aren’t these some wonderful examples of going that extra mile for the customers and making them feel truly special? What do you think of these stories? Do let us know!

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