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Do your CX initiatives not have the same vigour as sales initiatives? Here’s what you need to do.

Welcome to the Origami lesson of crafting a company with great CX initiatives filled with active strength and vigour on driving an organization towards its potential victory.

All you need is some paper and some skill.

Oh, but we hope you’ve got the right paper.

Have you been customer oriented in all your senses and decisions for them to spread contagiously all the way down?

By chosing to build a customer centric organization we believe you already got the right paper.

We figure you’re here because you’re currently having a hard time getting CX implemented at your workplace.

Of course, it’s a difficult yet rewarding path you’ve chosen; so you should abide by it.

So…..let’s begin?

As we learn together how you can make the best of your origami, you need to realize the essence of the second requirement for this activity: your skills. Your skills to execute the idea.

Then what are we waiting for?

Remember, each instruction requires you to fold (mold) the paper (your organization); in the way, it needs to be for it to start climbing the stairs of obtaining customer- centric growth. So observe as you fold, because you will learn a lot from each one.


Companies build their annual plan, reports primarily focused on the sales number. This trickles down to their half yearly, quarterly and even daily reporting structures.

 “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.” ~ Tony Alessandra 

Your customer experience is presumably a detail planned to be talked about alongside your Marketing, Sales, operations and other problems that are begging to be addressed.

Now, we are not saying that these are not vital and require not be talked about, but rather, the thought is that these capacities must be examined keeping in mind the customer’s advantage.

Focus on CX initiatives

Come on, think about it!

If your review meetings are focused just on sales, without any focus on customers then that’s what your team will work on!

All they will care about is meeting their sales number without caring about the experience the customers get in the process. They will probably hard sell just to meet the numbers they have to report without caring if the customer needs it or not or is put off in the process!

And how can you be a customer centric organization with such a practice?

Would you not be folding the paper the other way around? While what you wanted to make was a boat, you end up making something different.

“For individuals, the character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.” – Tony Hsieh

So if your team is not keeping your customer’s interest in mind it is because you haven’t built that culture. It is probably being reported as a number at the end of your review meeting which majority does not care about.


“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”  ~ John Russell 

Make ‘being customer centric’ as a priority:

Strategize everything keeping the customer in mind. Make it the part of your vision & mission statements so that you drill down the importance of being customer centric throughout the organization. For e.g.: Amazon’s vision statement is ” We seek to become earth’s most customer centric company”.

 “Without great employees, you can never have great customer service.” ~ Richard F. Gerson

Make your employees understand the growing need to transforming business style in order to suit the customers and favor them. This will ensure they favor you as well. Another great example from Amazon is the famous empty chair story. Early on, Jeff Bezos used to bring an empty chair into the meetings. He said to his top executives that the empty chair belongs to the most important person in the room: the customer. Now everyone should make decisions keeping ‘the customer’ in mind.

Now this ensures that the entire organization aligns towards the vision of being customer centric.

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Project it as a strategy for development:

To be able to bring the vigour of sales to customer experience, your team needs to see it as a strategy for growth. The team needs to understand that the customer retention & referral can be drivers for growth.

CX initiatives for customer retention

The growth caused by customer referrals & retention needs to be tracked and conveyed across the organization. This way employees realize the importance of delivering a great customer experience. Sales & customer success teams should be rewarded for retaining customers & referral business brought in by their customers.

Stop chasing just the numbers:

Companies use various numbers to measure customer loyalty & satisfaction like: NPS & CSAT. However, just chasing the numbers isn’t enough. Companies need to show the employees both survey scores and verbatim. They need to use various listening tools to bring the Voice of the Customer to the team. Both qualitative and quantitative data is important.

Walk in the shoes of your customers:

Bring the voice of customer not just to the board room but also the floor of your offices. Walk in your customer’s shoes to show your team what does your customer desire, feel, act and how are you responding to their needs. Building clarity for everyone in your team on the customer journey and help them visualize the customer’s experience. A lot of companies use mystery shopping to improve the customer experience. Experiential learning is the most effective way to learn the difficulties faced by your customer.

This whole process should lead you to an overwhelmingly great outcome. If you empathize with your customers and gain their faith through your service, you’ve mastered the art; the art of winning & retaining customers.

But remember, this is a continuous process.

So fold the paper wisely and with clarity. There might be resistance to this change initially and more if you go wrong. But persistence is they key. Remember being customer centric is a long term strategy.

And don’t forget to fold it effectively and efficiently, for the outcome is what you serve your customers and it better be rewarding on both parties.

Hope you caught our references and understood a little better.

Now it’s your time to go take action and ignite the flame of energy throughout your organization.

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