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Customer centric team building tips for dummies

Getting accustomed to the idea and practice of customer experience is an arduous job. Therefore, if your team finds itself trapped in the burden of change and misunderstanding, there is a high chance they need your help. But for you to help them, it is imperative for you to narrow your eyes, widen your perspective and look into the matter. For if not, these can remove the veil of your fascination with something you would never fascinate about: LOSSES!

Is there a difficulty in understanding CX within your organization?

Does your team barely buy the idea?

Are your teams not committed to delivering an exceptional customer experience?

But why is it happening in the first place? Why is your team so inflexible and not committed?
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The following could be the possible reasons. Take some notes.

The team sees this as extra work on top of existing work: If your team believes the CX responsibility to be an extra burden on their heads, it indirectly showcases the failure in the execution of the idea.

They are not bought into the idea of good CX: Obviously, now, your actions depend on your beliefs; and if the team hasn’t bought the idea of CX as a necessary change bringer, you know there is no action following the same.

They are resisting change: Inflexibility in the team results in resistance. The team would be accustomed to prior systems and arrangements and might heavily be bent on allowing new processes.

Lack of clarity: No clarity runs to reach the finish line to disturbance. If the team is unclear at their job, they will fail to realize its importance and you will have your whole system tangled in front of your eyes.

Team emulates what they see the leaders doing: If the vigor is not observed in the leader, the vigor will fail to take birth in the team. After all, the subjects are as the king is.

No effective communication of results: Motivation is an essential element in the working of the teams. If good results are not brought to their notice, they will slack on their work.

There is no outward in approach: Mindsets living in the sale-focused systems might still be prevalent in the team which shall pull them back from a progressing environment.

That’s a sad image, isn’t it?

But let us show you where exactly the botherations lie.

– CX is treated as lip service:
One of the most common problems in implementing a customer-centric organization is the fact that many fail to actually implement it! Ultimately, it only becomes a lip-service discussed rarely at the meetings and fails to garner any attention. This way, the essence gets lost in words and sentences and does not reach to floor work.

– Long-term resistance:
If you fail to act upon the prevailing situation of depleting interest and enthusiasm, you will watch your business succumb to condemnation in no time. Resistance from the team is a block required to be extracted off for if allowed to grow, might stretch themselves to long durations which would be heavily dangerous for your business.

– Negative word of mouth, customers are unhappy:
It is stubborn to deny the ill-effects of ignoring your customers.

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See how the word spreads more than the work, and this should make you cautious of your concentrations. Multiplying unhappy customers are supremely detrimental to your business and it is impossible to survive in the ever-changing business environment of customer focused developments in businesses without adopting the same.

And how is it that you can do that, you may ask. Here are some quick pointers on heavily impacting solutions.

Quick. Rush to your notebooks!

Top management is the key:
Well, you know it all trickles from the top. If the top management has imbibed the idea of proper customer management, it influences the employees to adopt the change and act on it. When the direction is clear in the eyes of the executors, the path towards success becomes clearer in the eyes on the employees.

Build a culture:
This is something we have always been stressing upon. The atmosphere in the organization must have a customer-centric air in it without which, there is no inspiration to work towards the customers within the employees. They will henceforth possess a rather laid-back attitude on their job and fail to give output as expected.

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A customer-centric culture produces a customer-centric attitude which flows throughout the organization at all levels. Looks like Hardy’s realization proved to be a great source of inspiration for us!

Develop an outward-in approach:
For CX implementation to be a successful system for you, execute it effectively and efficiently. Keeping an outward-in approach, which directs focus and efforts to the employees rather than always on the business and its profits, influences the customers to notice you and drives them on their path to loyalty.

Inspire the team:
If change is introduced off the blue, it has a high chance of resistance; and it is essential that you pluck it down its roots without delay.

Show the team why you think this change is necessary and take the effort to present them facts and benefits concerning the same. Make them realize how they play a major role in the process and how this whole idea could be a great procedure to execute while watching it bear fruits gradually.

Make them understand; and believe us, they will.

Share reviews:
Your work doesn’t end until you constantly remind your team of their role and its impact on the society. By bringing good reviews to the floor, you can actually boost their morale and peddle their working more efficient and faster. Not only that, you shall watch happier employees filled with enthusiasm and responsibility and enjoy the win-win situation of happy employees, happier customers.

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Do you now see why this is a hard task, yet a must?

Do you see how it can change your business?

Do you want to see that change come embrace you in reality?

Let us help you achieve that dream and guide you in every step you take in favor of your customers.
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