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4 tips to build a team which is truly customer centric

By 2020, customer experience will overtake product or service as a key brand differentiator. Companies have risen to this fact and are working frantically to succeed in becoming customer centric.

What do you think is a key differentiator between top-notch competitors?

“When the customer comes first, the customer will last,” says Robert Half.

Customer centric mindset

There is just one thing which stands between businesses trying to become customer centric and success – their mindset!

Companies have been prioritizing a lot over customer experience for so long now that it is deeply ingrained in their culture and mindset. Their team thinks and acts accordingly. Who is to blame for this behaviour, however? Is it the team? Not at all. It’s the leadership. Leadership in organizations has been focusing for too long on things other than customer experience. Their teams have picked and worked on what they were told is a priority. They just gave what the leadership asked for. Leadership wanted sales, so that’s what the teams delivered. If they wanted shareholder value, that’s what the team delivered and so the story continues. Does the leadership want a customer-centric organization? That’s what the team will deliver, the leadership, however, needs to help the team with the right tools and strategy for that. The first step to building these is – the Mindset.
“Where focus goes, energy flows,” says Tony Robbins. Cater to building a unified vision. A vision where the team knows, come what may, they’ve to focus on delivering a good customer experience

Unified vision for team-become customer centric
A customer centric mindset automatically changes the way the teams behave and act. This decides the kind of results an organization derives. Once the leadership declares customer experience as a top priority, the teams get curious. To sustain this curiousity of evolution into a customer centric business, the leadership needs to showcase it in behavior and action themselves. Because if it’s lip service and just to gain attention, the team sees it through and realizes that it’s a management fad which will die if they stick around for a while.

There are a few things you can do to deliver the experience your customers truly desire and the support you need to extend your teams in doing so.

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities to your team members. They need to know what role they play in making an impact in a customer’s journey.
  • Ensure that you’ve defined your customers’ journey. Have a customer journey map where you know how your customers feel, think and behave in doing business with you.

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  • Build a rule book. As you’ve defined the journey map this book will enlighten your employees what actions they can probably take. And more importantly the impact of the same. Let your employees know the impact of their actions either good or bad.
  • It would be totally unfair for an organization to expect your team to deliver a good customer experience on their own. They need to know the exact action and behavior to take up.

What is your vision of building a customer centric organization? We would love to hear. Feel free to reach for a 1 hour discovery session with one of our customer experience consultant.


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