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How You Perceive Customer Service Agents To Be

When customers invest in a product or a service, it is with the purpose of making their life easier. Today’s customers are smart and extremely tech-savvy. When exploring a new product, they prefer self-help to product demos. However, not always does it happen that they learn to use the product/service effortlessly. They might encounter certain issues or need more clarification when using certain features of the product/service. That is when they contact customer service representatives – to seek additional assistance.

Clearly, customer service representatives are the sole point of contact between the brand and its customers after a sale is made. How do these agents impact the customer experience? The answer lies in this quote by Daniel Goleman:

How customers feel when they interact with an employee determines how they feel about the company itself.

Customer Service Agents

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Undoubtedly, customer service agents are the face of an organization and must possess the ability to delight customers and enhance their experience.

The skills listed below are the fundamental vital personality traits needed to be in customer service. If you have the following skills, then you’re a potential candidate for customer service:

Passion for Helping People

I won’t say it is everything, but a passion for helping others is certainly one of the necessary things to look for in someone who aspires to be in customer service. When you go into a pet store, you naturally expect the people working there to love animals. So, in the same way, the customer service agents should be passionate about their job. Without passion, the experience is emotionless, for both employees and customers.

Empathy and Social Skills

It is essential to understand what people around you are thinking and feeling. To recognize and understand other people’s feelings, moods and reactions is a crucial element in building successful and meaningful relationships. If this element is missing, it will make it hard for a customer service agent to make a connection with a customer. Social skills help to establish a common ground to manage relationships and build networks.

Positive Attitude

There are several factors which affect our mood that can have an impact on our work. In most cases, customer service agents may have to deal with angry customers and their frustration, which sometimes goes worse. Ultimately, dealing with frustrated people might be a part of your day-to-day work life, but in the face of this, it helps to remain calm, professional and competent while also having a positive attitude. One thing to keep in mind is that customers don’t generally mean it when they say that they hate you!


Customer service agents have to be ready to come out of their comfort zone and quickly adapt to changing circumstances. It’s hard to keep from getting overwhelmed, but it’s important (especially when the company releases a new process or product) to always be ready to handle multiple emails, chats, and calls when there is a need. The best agents are also those willing to take on new tasks, learn new things and be comfortable with erratic work schedules.


A customer service agent that possesses these traits would have an added advantage over others in delighting the customers and growing in this role. Organizations prioritize the above-mentioned characteristics over any other qualities and qualifications when hiring a customer service representative.

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