Proven Methodologies To Enhance Retail Customer Experience

Enhancing The Retail Customer Experience

“Customer is the king”

This adage is so true to the retailer. A customer has to feel like a king to make the business succeed. And to make him feel like a king is completely in the hands of the retailer. Lighting, decorations, product presentations, pleasant shopkeepers and ever-smiling customer support associates enhance the customer experience from a single visit to a sense of belonging and, thus, make customers whole-heartedly open up their wallets without any qualms.
While the current landscape of customer experience in the retail industry is evolving with the advent of technology, giving the customer a royal treatment helps in building brand advocacy and loyalty. These four important factors stand out as sure shot points to win the customer.

More than a shop – The Environment

Whether it is a brick-and-mortar or a virtual shop, the retail store environment impacts the customer experience to a huge extent – be it bright colors and attractive window-displays, or a greeting customer service associate at the entrance. Since an average person’s attention span is now as low as 8 seconds, retailers need to ensure that the customer gets the welcome instincts to step in.
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1. Focus on the design of the retail store.
2. Trigger the basic human senses such as sight, smell and sound.
3. Explore and enhance the possibilities of providing an omni-channel experience.

Whether it is a physical store or even an online store, presentation plays a crucial role in increasing the footfalls or the web-traffic into stores.

Brand Experience

Brands must offer services that outshine customer expectations at all times. This not only makes the customers feel that they have chosen the right brand, but also ensures their loyalty towards it. Retailers must exploit this opportunity and build a holistic customer-centric approach to create unmatched brand experiences. For instance, global leaders in retail, Nike and John Lewis, have started offering personal sport experience and concierge-style shopping, respectively, to enhance the experience at their stores and build relationships and loyalty among their customers.

1. Provide meaningful and memorable in-store services to the customers.
2. Indulge in creating a humanistic connection with the customers.
3. Leverage technology to optimize the brand experience.

Customer service enhances the sale

After the customer is helped with what he wants and finds that the store has it, then it becomes the responsibility of the retailer to make it a compelling reason for the customer to buy what he has chosen. Treat a customer the way you would like to be treated. Value for money, best brands and bargains and striking a one to one conversation and understanding the wants of the customer and offering them the best is not going to leave them disappointed, but a reason to buy. Adding a human touch adds value. Customer service is important and plays a pivotal role. The way the customer is treated and gets the feeling that he is the winner in the bargain, not only wins customer but also a brand ambassador for the shop. Discounts are an exercise to liquidate stocks and certainly not to attract customers, at least not for long.
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1. Hire the right customer service associates.
2. Focus on the personalization of customer service experience.
3. Enrich customer service experience with the help of technology.

Make your customer feel important

Who would not say no to a return customer? Well, it is the same way for the customer too! When they are given the importance and you meet their expectations, they will certainly come back to you. After all who does not like to win? And as the customer keeps coming back, the shop is also a winner. A customer support associate should only help and support the customer buy something, not make a sales pitch call to sell something. The customer should never be allowed to feel that he has bought something out of his pocket. Rather, he should feel that he has won something and feels proud of it. Added to the entire experience is an after-sales follow up or feedback call to understand customer’s expectation will add more value to the sale and make the customer feel important.

Retailers must keep doing whatever it takes to delight their customers. With the changing needs and expectations of the customers, the ways to enhance customer experience constantly need to evolve.

At the end of the day, ensuring happiness and well-being of the customers always reflects in the profits.

These four factors among others are proven methodologies to win and sustain customers. So get ready to give the royal treatment to your customers.

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