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How to improve CX in the age of DIGITAL love!

Gone are the days of writing letters to your beloved and waiting eagerly for their replies. Even emails are a thing of the past. With instant messaging and social media, love also has become digital! Do you see how teenagers of today are glued to their phones, always keeping in touch with their partners? This Valentine’s Day then, let’s look at how to keep customers happy in this age of DIGITAL LOVE. Read on to know how to improve your customer experience (CX) in these modern times.

1. Show that you are committed

Today, people are definitely not loath to showing their love online. Rather, they take pride and pleasure in declaring their love and commitment towards their valentine. This Valentine’s Day, I am certain that most of your feed is going to be filled with couples openly declaring their love for each other. While I know it can be irksome, there is actually a huge lesson to be learned from this behavior!

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As a brand, you must show your customers that you are committed to them and to making their lives better. This would certainly instill more confidence in your customers.

2. Share regular updates

The one thing that we must learn from today’s digital era is to let the world know what we are up to. As soon as people today enter a restaurant or a cafe, they update their statuses and check themselves into the place. But, it is not just restaurants here. Check-ins and tags come in even for supermarkets, gyms, parks, and hold your horses, hospitals too! The posts also come with a flurry of hashtags and selfies. Similarly, any special event – right from going to bed to eating a breakfast – is immediately put up on social media.

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Look at the bigger picture here. If you are looking to enhance your customer experience, you must share regular and timely updates with your customers. Your customers would be delighted to hear of any new products/services, discounts, and offers that they could use. Research has suggested that social media users are far more engaged when they see videos rather than read articles. Ensure that you use high-quality, good content to meaningfully engage your customers.

3. Be accessible and responsive across platforms

With the advent of digitization, people are now more closely connected with their partners on multiple platforms. So, it’s not just liking Facebook pictures and posts, but you are also expected to ‘love’ your partner’s photos on Instagram, posts on Google Plus, and tweets on Twitter. Further,  you show also be prompt in responding to their WhatsApp messages, Facebook chats, and Snapchat messages.

This teaches brands to be accessible to all its customers on mediums that the customers prefer and use frequently.

4. Celebrate little things

Another simple yet effective lesson to be learned from Gen Y is to celebrate the little successes and things in life. There can be nothing better if you can include your loved ones in this celebration.

Hence, organizations can take a cue from this and celebrate their milestones such as achieving targets, or opening a new office or welcoming a new colleague. When this is shared with customers, they feel a sense of belonging and community, enhancing customer experience.

Gen Y might not be perfect. However, they give you some great lessons on how to ensure that your customers always feel loved and cared. This Valentine’s Day, show your customers that you love them!

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