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NEGATIVE customer reviews is KILLING your brand – 6 Tips to tackle it

Imagine that frustrated, sweaty and loud customer at the counter…the one who screamed your store down the funnels of negative publicity.

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Yes he spoke to another 12 people and ruined your reputation, that chain continues till now…imagine the financial loss he caused you…imagine this year’s balance sheet…nothing added to the capital in your liabilities side?


Are you heading towards the lethal word L……LOSSES?

Oh no, feel yourself sink in your addled mire of complicated customer relationships, oh woe to you…SNAP.

Wake up; don’t let that nightmare come true. Don’t let the assassin stab you an appalling 85 times. Yes, 85 times!

TARP, a behaviour research organization situated in Arlington, Va., discovered something intriguing while investigating the impacts on organizations of word of mouth.

The review found that clients who leave a business upbeat and happy with their experience may impart the positive event to only a couple of companions who won’t recollect a significant part of the discussion, and not think to share the data.

Then again, TARP found that clients who had a dreadful affair will impart their pessimistic occurrence to a normal of 12 other individuals. Linking the chains, each of those 12 individuals will specify the event to six others. This implies the one individual with the terrible experience will talk about it with 12 others and each moreover to six people.

Do the math.

(1+12+ (12×6)) which sums to 85 individuals who will have a tainted perspective of your business on account of one negative involvement.

Panicking already?

Damaged reputations?

Lost opportunities?

Drop in web traffic?

An even major drop in sales and revenues.


Let us chart it out together as to why this might have occurred and what can we do to avoid it:

You are accountable for the experience a customer has when he is on board. Make it easy for them to leave a review. Then it is unlikely that they are going to vent elsewhere. Don’t develop an indifference to them. Realize that they are your most valuable assets.

But what if you do not have relevant data to act upon. A system output is only as good as its inputs. Make sure your CRM is updated regularly and accurately. 

Have you encountered a lot of situations where your representatives end up saying “Hold on, your complaint will be sorted within 24 hours?” or “Can I check with my manager and call you back?”

That’s a failure in customer feedback management.

Specially for organizations which are focussing on growth and development, it’s prudent to pay attention to costumer complaint, behaviour and delivering strategies as to tackle them.

Like we’ve mentioned, customers are the most valuable assets. Maybe, your turn around time is way too high. This leads to frustrated customers. Harvard Business Review states 48% people who had negative experiences go around talking about it to at least ten or more people. SHOCKER, eh? Reduce your turn around time nobody likes to be told to wait on small issues.

NPS, Omoto

Negative reviews are motivators, an opportunity to improve. They help you know more about a customer and what they expect from you. But what if the senior management has the hierarchical bias and treats the ‘front line’ as minions. The ‘front line’ has now developed fear in approaching the senior management. And all the bad reviews are now hidden and become evident only when it becomes massive and is everywhere. And guess what? You’re the last one to hear about it. You’ve missed your chance to make an influence.

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In this high-tech world, it is way easier to contact customers to get more involved in delivering a lasting experience. Who better than them to help you with that. Unleash your company to this world. Build your presence on social media websites, involve the use of touch points. If you’re a B2B client, call, and follow-up. If you’re a B2C then have online surveys distributed through emails. For instance, Uber has made it a point for customers to review the driver through stars before calling on their next ride, or how MORE supermarkets have it necessary for you to click on your customer service experience at the cash desk before billing the amount. Make it a proactive system, get everyone involved in the sphere.

Use your advocates/promoters smartly. Skim and scan the market for your fans but discreetly. Having your fans post their views is going to be way more credible than information circulated by a paid employee. More trusted reviews can also diffuse the impact of the negative customer reviews.

NPS, Omoto

The annoying and difficult IVR; an abyss. Veterans may have a hard time with the lengthy menu followed by several instructions. Youngsters may end up frustrated if they’re made to hold for longer intervals. Worst is when the IVR says “Sorry, we are unable to process your request now. Please call so and so the number to speak with a representative.” You’ve wasted their most valuable commodity-TIME. According to JD Power & Associates IVR makes up 27% of all calls in the call center, but only 7% are able to deliver a better experience than a live agent.

Caveat venditor for ‘let the seller beware’. Never get surprised by the bad reviews, the longer you take to respond more likely are they going to go haywire. You’ve got to ensure the power of human touch and acknowledgment. You’re delivering a service, an experience and not a product. Ensure they cherish it.

But…how exactly?
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While dealing with customers the follow the golden rules:

  1. Acknowledge/agree that the problem they’re facing has occurred. Don’t deter be open to any set of queries and feedbacks.
  2. Repeat the problem to avoid ambiguity to ensure you’ve understood it.
  3. Probe to find out problem centric details, if required. Or ask if there are any other problems.
  4. Summarize the entire details regarding the issue
  5. Record it probably in an excel sheet or any other software, save customers from repeated occurrence. You could probably have a handbook for an easy and fast referral.
  6. Offer to get back with the solution if you’re not able to deal with instantly. Make it a point to revert. Be smart in customer review management. The quicker you revert respectfully, more likely is the customer to become an advocate for your business in the future. In this process don’t end up making impulsive decisions.

NPS, Omoto

Save yourself from the endless negative feedbacks. Invest in optimum resources and technologies to avoid the common customer peeves and save yourself from the bad publicity.

Does this get you to the answers you need?

What is your view on this?

We would be glad to hear you out in the comments section. Don’t forget to watch the video to enlighten your journey by hearing out eminent leaders on providing customer-centric services.

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