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5 traits of NPS driven organizations

5 UNMISTAKABLE Traits of Net Promoter Companies

21 Nov 2017

I have had an interesting observation while helping companies set up and use the Net Promoter System® (NPS). Net Promoter companies or organizations that succeed with NPS have five distinctly common traits. Such organizations adopt the Net Promoter System and ingrain Customer Experience as a core part of their...

Going Beyond NPS Survey

Going Beyond NPS Survey

14 Nov 2017

Today, almost every business around the world is using NPS Survey to measure and improve its customer experience. The Net Promoter System Blog lists over 200 companies across 10 industries that are using NPS. Certainly, that's only a fraction of the total number of companies conducting...

Frequency affects NPS

How does frequency of customer contact affect NPS?

09 Nov 2017

One of our B2B clients recently asked me whether the frequency of contacting customers impacts NPS. To be honest, I had not thought about this until I was asked. I could intuitively tell that contacting customers frequently and resolving their concerns even before the NPS survey is executed...


5 Surprising MISTAKES You Are Making In Your NPS® Survey

18 Oct 2017

In my journey as a customer experience professional, I have learned that Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is the ultimate measure of customer experience. It is the simplest yet most powerful metric that any company can use and measurably improve its customer experience. The issue is that most people...