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How to use NPS to grow a SaaS business?

26 Sep 2018

Using NPS to grow a SaaS business We all know that one crucial factor for the success of a SaaS business is its cumulative revenue growth. While very often SaaS companies focus on revenue growth by means of customer acquisition only, retention and expansion revenue is...

good net promoter score saas

What is a good Net Promoter Score for SaaS?

25 Aug 2018

What is considered a good NPS in the SaaS industry? Over the years, various companies such as Temkin Group and CustomerGuage have conducted numerous research studies to identify what is a good Net Promoter Score for SaaS businesses. Unfortunately, no two answers are the same. I have...

net promoter score saas

Net Promoter Score Essentials For SaaS Businesses

18 Aug 2018

Here is the complete guide on Net Promoter Score for SaaS businesses Ever since Marc Andreessen coined the phrase "Software is eating the world!" in his famous WSJ article back in 2011, software has eaten up more of the world than ever imagined. Research claims that...