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Can lost customers buy from you again?

Customer churn is a real problem, let's address it! Historically, companies have perceived that acquiring new customers is a one-stop solution to all their problems. Their approach is best described by these lines:“Get a lot of people through the door and we are bound to keep...

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The connection between Digital Experience and Customer Experience

Delivering great Digital Experience is the foundation of delightful Customer Experience.To capture the expansive opportunities that digital services and operations offer, organizations should structure their operating model so as to offer a better customer experience. Studies have consistently demonstrated that companies with solid customer-centric strategies...

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How to win the millennial’s heart?

Millennials? Who?Millennials are those people born between 1980 and 2000. And, often, they give a hard time to marketers who’re attempting to understand this key demographic group and to design their initiatives specifically for this crowd. Millennials are important bunch - and for good reasons:...

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