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How to predict your customer experience

A promise of a cultural music festival with a blend of art, music, and dance.

Food, shelter, security being the basic necessities for a man to survive.

What if someone deprives you of it?

Imagine 5000 people feeling the same. Drowning in this pool of insecurity.

NPS, Omoto
NPS, Omoto

Exactly what happened at the Fyre Cay island, to the festival goers.

A classic example of unacceptable guest experience at different levels.

Presenting to you the fiasco of FYRE Festival held in the Bahamas.

NPS, Omoto

Talk about $12,000 unmatchable experience.

This luxurious disaster was set for two weekends, the first one from April 27-30 and the second from May 5-7.

However, the second one, luckily, was cancelled by the Bahamian Ministry of Tourism website.


Shedding light on the first weekend, 737 planes chartered at the rate of 12 flights a day to shuttle guests from Miami. But guess what? The plane schedules were delayed and subsequently cancelled.

Oh, and not to miss the misplacing and mishandling of luggage and theft. Passengers were made to wait for long, some of them resulted with puking all over the place.

An utter chaos!

Water management, waste management, ambulances and a luxurious weekend was promised- all of this flew straight from New York.

Not to miss the broken promise of gourmet meals produced by celebrity chefs.

All the hopes of a high-end dream cuisine came crashing in a Styrofoam container.

“Inadequate quantity and poor quality”, said a festival goer.


Food disaster indeed, at a very high price!

It costs a fortune to be here, the tickets ranged from $1500 and soared as high as $12,000 for the concert goers.

NPS, Omoto


Indeed, poor and negligent facilities.

Literally, nothing close to what they advertised and promised.

For all those of you smirking in your seats, you guys have saved at least $1000 dollars for yourself. And for those who had brought tickets to this disastrous fest are promised a refund by the organizers……but this is not a happy ending.

The aftermath of this event on the organizers is as high as a $100 million lawsuit in the state of California on the organizers JaRule and McFarland.

This was duly filed on behalf of plaintiff Daniel Jung who spent $2000 on his ticket. He has 150 plaintiffs for the lawsuit.

In this suit, along with alleging the creators of denying basic facilities, they also assert claims of frauds, breach of contract, breach of covenant good faith and negligent misinterpretation.

Though there were talks in mid-March and the end of April on cancelling the entire event to reschedule it to 2018, all of it was revoked.

Festival goers were very well aware of this and decided to give the organizers time to set up at their own pace.

Their fears turned into reality on April 27th.

Listen to their fury, all the way from the Bahamas.

NPS, Omoto


Fyre Festival organized by Billy McFarland.  JaRule, rapper (four-time Grammy nominee) was hired to promote the entire event.


This was a costly affair on both ends, as you can see.

So…what do you think the organizers here are missing out on?

By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail” -Benjamin Franklin

NPS, Omoto

The festival organizing committee failed to keep up with the expectations of the customers.

The expectations that they built through rampant advertising to lure in more goers ended up in an utter catastrophe.

They also missed out on the operational challenges that they were likely to face.

Come on! Promising luxurious accommodations and food requires a lot of planning especially when 5000 people are involved, yes?

Logistics, accommodation, food and security. Simple, much?

Fyre festival organizers encountered this today, tomorrow it could be you!

“Everyone faces challenges in life. It is a matter of how you learn to overcome them and use them to your advantage”- Celestine Chua

Many business organizations get stuck in meeting up to the customer’s expectations.

And this is a challenge.

The challenge where owners are baffled since they’re not aware of what directly impacts their customer’s experience.

Are you baffled, too?
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The Operational challenge requires you to focus on what you along with your team need to do in order to fill this gap of expectation.

As managers and owners, it is solely your responsibility and the team’s effort to chalk out what operational metrics impact the customer’s experience.

Chalking out is one part of it, but it is highly and equally essential to work towards improving the experience of your end user.

It all boils down to focus on what kind of an experience would you want your customers to have with you. Identify the metrics that directly impact the experience you deliver to your customers and focus on meeting these metrics and improving them.

Superior customer service is purely a challenge. It could be you encountering something similar!

No no no, you don’t want that, do you?

So, help us help you!

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Meanwhile, though lost time and effort cannot be compensated to the festival goers; let us hope they receive justice for what they have faced.

Until then, watch out for our next blog with more titbits! Only for you!

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