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9 AMAZING Ideas to WOW your customers in the holiday season

Holiday season is the perfect time to show gratitude towards your customers. It is a good occasion to talk about how the company is doing, how much you value their association and maintain a relationship with them.

Almost every brand is wishing their customers this holiday season. Your competitors are also wishing your customers in a bid to start a relationship. With the customers cluttered by wishes from everywhere, how to do something that makes your brand stand out? If you are struggling to come up with WOWsome ideas, here’s a list to make it easy for you.

Share a Hand written note

Add a twist to your communication with customers. The time, effort and thoughtfulness of a handwritten card truly never gets old. Write a thank-you note on why you value their business. Here’s an example from Jawbone:

If you think this task is really overwhelming use services like: mail lift, letter friend to make it easy for you.

Help them learn something new

The quest for knowledge has helped the mankind evolve. Offer your customers a courseware to help them learn and grow. Let them know you are eager to help them get better at evolve.

On that note, Thank you for being our readers. Here’s a free courseware on how to improve your company’s customer experience.

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Create a Fun team video to thank them

Video is king and easy to consume. A fun video like this is sure to get you heard a lot more and lets you establish the human touch with your customers.

Throw a party

Yes, literally!

This is more relevant for local businesses or in a B2B scenario. Throw an amazing party, nothing like getting to know your customer in an informal setting. This is a great way to establish a deeper relationship with your customers.

Share a Card

Get your team’s picture on the card. Personalize it for your team and your customers alike to stand out from the multitude of card your customers may be receiving.

Thank them on social channels

You gotta be abreast with the times. If your customers are on social channels, there is no reason why you should stay away from it. So, go social and thank them for their continued support and patronage to your company.

Offer a free upgrade

A surprise this holiday season will let you make an everlasting impact. The airlines industry has cracked it. Frequent flyer miles, lounge access and business class upgrade on birthdays or for honeymoon travellers!

Personalized gifts

Surprise your customers with a gift. And try personalizing the gifts to the customers, then you have won a customer for life! See what TD bank has done for its customers:

Show them you value their feedback

Listen to your customer feedback across touch points in their journey. Act on these feedbacks and let your customers know you have heard them and taken corrective action to resolve their issues.

Have you come across any other amazing activities done by the companies? Mention them in the comments below!

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